Development of an 1D Multicylinder Engine Model to Predict Knocking and Emissions of Large Gas Engines

  • 1 LEC GmbH (Large Engines Competence Center), Graz, Austria
  • 2 LEC GmbH (Large Engines Competence Center), Graz, Austria; Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria


The main subject of this paper is the development of a multicylinder engine model for the prediction of knocking combustion and emissions such as nitrogen oxide and unburned hydrocarbons based on one-dimensional simulation. The one-dimensional simulation is widely used for combustion system layout and determination of operating parameters to achieve performance targets and comply with emission limits. The paper focuses especially on the prediction of the unburned fuel mass from the combustion process and from the scavenging during the valve overlap. The calibration of the sub-models is based on measurements on a single cylinder research engine with a displacement of approximately 6 litres. The simulation results are validated with experimental measurement results on the same research engine. The paper concludes with statements about the predictive capability of the model.



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