Exploring Transient 2D Conduction: A Practical Guide Using Ansys Mechanical

  • 1 Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy Varna, Bulgaria


The present research paper examines the thermal conduction transient through a 2D model analysis using the Ansys Mechanical software product. The study focuses on the importance of time in the heat conduction process and its influence on temperature stabilization in various materials and structures. Any process related to heat transfer requires some time to reach a stable heat conduction state. In various scientific and engineering fields such as thermal engineering, electricity generation, and electronics, understanding, controlling, and analysing transient conductivity can lead to more efficient operation of machines and mechanisms, reduction of energy costs, development of more resistant materials, optimization of conditioning systems, and creation of engineering simulations and models to predict thermal behaviour under different conditions. In addition, the present study can provide new knowledge in the educational field and serve as a basis for a new approach in teaching in the field of thermal engineering regarding the clarification of the conditions under which heat exchange processes occur and related changes.



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