Extracted Handal seed oil ( Cittrullus Seeds) used as biodiesel fuel in internal combustion engines

  • 1 Department of Mechanical Engineering, AL-Hussein Bin Talal University, Maan P.O.Box20, Jordan


Most important of fuel economy research and vehicle industry today is to find a unique fuel with high calorific value and low tail pipe emissions . in this research a good effort was spent to find a solution for automotive industry by presenting a new fuel which was extracted from Citrullus and presented as handle seeds oil to be used as bio fuel in internal combustion engine, which is very important issue for automotive industry . The importance of extracting Handel oil has led to investigate the characteristics of chemical and physical properties of new fuel, such as density, specific gravity, kinematic viscosity, flash point, pour point, cloud point, which will help of controlling the composition of biofuel and improve the fuel quality which can be used in internal combustion engines . The two important processes were used for biodiesel production are Esterification and Transesterification.



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