We are the Scientific-Technical Union of Mechanical Engineering “Industry 4.0”. This is a national, voluntarily, nongovernmental, politically neutral, self-governing, artistic and professional union of scientists, engineers, specialist and managers in the machine engineering field and its infrastructure. The organization is founded under the provisions of the Law on Non-Profit Legal Entities in the Republic of Bulgaria.

Our main goal is to establish ourselves as a reliable and sought after partner of universities, research institutes and industrial companies from Europe and the world in organizing and conducting international scientific congresses and conferences as authoritative forums to present the latest achievements of science, open innovation, and in promoting the principles of the Industry-4.0 strategy in the social, political and economic life of different countries.

Our activities include conducting 15 international scientific congresses and conferences, publishing 9 scientific journals, conducting scientific and applied research, implementing transfer of technology and open innovations, designing, prototyping and testing, training key competencies, maintaining active cooperation with more than 100 universities, research institutes and related organizations from around the world. More than 1000 scientists from over 60 countries participate in our events annually.