Development of dual-function materials by utilization of coal combustion by-products for CO2 capture and conversion into synthetic fuel

  • 1 Technical University Sofia, Bulgaria


The utilization of fly ash (FA) generated by the combustion of coal in thermal power plants instead of its disposal is a critical issue worldwide, which imposes the best available techniques and standards for sustainable practical application of this abundant resource. The present study considers an opportunity for smart utilization of fly ash from domestic Bulgarian lignite coal by its conversion into dualfunctional material with high adsorption capacity to capture carbon emissions and catalytic ability to convert them into synthetic fuel. FА with a high content of iron oxides, obtained as an average sample from the hydroseal of electrostatic precipitators of a Bulgarian coal-fired power plant, is converted by alkaline treatment to a zeolite-like material. Due to its favorable surface characteristics, the obtained material was tested for its adsorption potential toward CO2 at pressure of 5.5 MPa. High content of iron oxides uniformly distributed into the zeolite matrix is a prerequisite for the catalytic properties of the material, which contribute to the conversion of CO2 to methane, proven by infrared spectrophotometry and thermogravimetry combined with gas chromatography and mass-selective detector.



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