Irrigation regime of pepper grown in unheated greenhouses with drip irrigation

  • 1 ISSAPP “Nikola Poushkarov”


In order to establish the irrigation regime of pepper variety “Gold Medal”, grown in plastic unheated greenhouses in the Chelopechene experimental field, Sofia district, irrigation options were tested from fully satisfying the water needs of the crop /100% irrigation rate/ to irrigation with 20% and with a 30% increase in irrigation rates. A water-saving irrigation technology is used. The highest yield of 4879 kg/dka was obtained when using 130% irrigation rate, followed by the variant with 120% irrigation rate – 4460 kg/dka on average for the research period. The yield in the variant irrigated by class “A” evaporation pan, approaches the yield obtained in the variant with 100% implementation of the irrigation rate.


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