Materials Science. Non-Equilibrium Phase Transformations., Vol. 2 (2016), Issue 2, pg(s) 16-18

    For many years casting alloys are widely used in dental applications. Among them, titanium and its alloys reveal the best properties for this purpose. However, the casting is difficult but it may be improved by alloying. This research deals with titanium-based alloys with zirconium additions. Investigated alloys were prepared by melting and casting in an electro-arc furnace under argon atmosphere. In order to identify the phases present in alloys, structural analysis was performed by X-ray diffraction method. It was showed two-phases microstructure of alloys. Further, zirconium addition in higher percentage contributes to formation of the beta phase of titanium which possesses more adequate properties then alpha titanium. Microstructural observations by scanning electron microscopy and energy-dispersive spectrometry showed that phases have similar chemical composition. Measured Vickers hardness values were lower than for pure titanium and are acceptable for dental applications.