• Approach analysis to prevent steganography data flows as a corporate security breaches

    Security & Future, Vol. 2 (2018), Issue 4, pg(s) 180-182

    Once the steganography was invented, it still remains one of the most effective ways to hide information in publicly accessed data sources. Many applications of different steganography techniques were known since WWII, but there are no yet any good approach to detect whether there is a hidden message in some data source (image etc.) while it is not expected to be found. This may also cause a fundamental security breach in corporate security systems. In the era of Facebook, Instagram and many other social networks with a huge amount of images and photos it seems obvious to use steganography applications for the purpose of security breach. A saboteur or a spy can use any image from social networks to disclose corporate sensitive data or to exchange hidden messages. That is why steganography detection should be considered as a necessary tool to prevent security breaches and sensitive data leaks. This research is focused on analysis of current approaches in problem of steganography detection. Mainly the approaches to detect steganography in images were discussed.