IT security awareness among SMEs

  • 1 University of Pannonia, Hungary


Small and medium-sized enterprises in the European Union are also vulnerable to ransomware attacks. There is currently no clear indicator of this proportion. The rate of ransomware attacks depends on a number of factors, such as the cybersecurity situation in a given country, the size and sector of SMEs, IT security measures and IT security awareness.
Based on our own study, the most important thing is to encourage SMEs to improve IT security, to develop policies and disaster recovery plans that define IT security measures, and to train employees, i.e. training and security awareness are key issues in detecting and avoiding various attacks. Our targeted survey of SMEs on this topic shows that in the current changing environment, SMEs need much more training and support, regardless of their specialism or sector of operation. They need meaningful and actionable training and support that will enable them to develop IT security strategies that are best suited to their business volumes..



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