MEMS based IMU adaptive 3D calibration

  • 1 Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2 Guided Missiles Research and Development Department, EDePro, Serbia


Intensive development of different sensors based on microelectromechanical system (MEMS) technology has led to them being used in various fields that require simple and frequent measurements. One such application is inertial navigation systems (INS). Due to their low cost, small size and weight MEMS sensors can be used as a basis for inertial measurement unit (IMU) because they move tog ether with the object they are attached to, thus reflecting the objects motion. MEMS sensors used for tracking the objects motion usually comprise of a 3-axial accelerometer and a 3-axial gyroscope. Although constantly improving, MEMS technology can not be directly used in INS due to different sensor inaccuracies such as zero-level bias, various nonlinearities, inaccurate sensitivity and misalignment of the sensor sensitivity axes. These inaccuracies introduce system error into the INS which needs to be compensated by means of various calibration methods. In this paper, we present a time efficient and adaptive 3D calibration method based on simultaneous motion of all axes on a 3-axes precision turntable. The calibration procedure for accelerometers as well as gyroscopes will be explained in detail. Finally, the resul ts of the calibration will be discussed and conclusions drawn.



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