Industry 4.0 and the necessity of a new quality human capital

  • 1 Institute for Systemic Economic Engineering, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 2 Foundation ―Informational Technologies and the Future of Economic Science‖, Sofia, Bulgaria


Humanity enters Industry 4.0. It is characterized by the emergence of numerous innovative technologies that should be produced in “smart” factories. However, this presents the entire Western world with a problem. Talking about the industry for machines, we immediately talk about machine engineers who power this industry. However, in the West, the crisis with this type of personnel is severe because of our previous ideology – “Knowledge Economy” which diverted many of the finest young people towards social science specialties and above all, those related to economics and management. Therefore, the West, is tasked with creating a new quality industry for machines without the engineering personnel to secure this process.This report presents a new approach to bring back the previous and well-deserved prestige of the all-important engineering profession through a fourth and final engineering wave in the development of a holistic business model ontology, a wave that will also generate a new quality of systemic economic engineers – the necessary engineering capital for realizing Industry 4.0.



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