Modeling solar data using artificial neural networks for solar applications in transport infrastructure

  • 1 University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (UACEG) – Sofia, Bulgaria


This paper examines an approach using artificial neural networks for innovative modeling of solar data that is needed to realize solar applications for transport infrastructure purposes. Through this modeling, detailed solar data are generated by geographical positions, and monthly and annual maps are created for the territory of Bulgaria for horizontal solar irradiation with its diffuse and direct components and for inclined and reflected solar irradiation, according to Norio Igawa’s model. Diffuse fraction and horizontal and inclined solar irradiation can be helpful in designing solar applications in road infrastructure, such as power signaling systems and street lighting. By demonstrating the capabilities of accurate modeling and analysis of solar data, this paper highlights the importance of applying artificial neural networks in planning and improving the resilience of transport infrastructure against climate change. Using solar energy in transport infrastructure reduces carbon emissions and strengthens environmental sustainability.



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