Injury prevention during childbirth: A model of pelvic floor

  • 1 University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Pilsen, Czech Republic
  • 2 Charles University in Pilsen, Pilsen, Czech Republic


During vaginal delivery women suffer with several kinds of injuries which may negatively influence their quality of life. Different techniques are used for perineal protection during the second stage of the delivery. A method called manual perineal protection (MPP) is used to decrease the risk of severe perineal trauma. In order to quantify this method a special measuring glove was designed and forces generated by the obstetricians during real deliveries were measured. Measured forces were then used in computer simulation of the MPP method. The forces were applied on a previously developed FEM model of the pelvic floor during simulation of the vaginal delivery. The stress distribution in the perineal area was monitored. Reactions of perineal tissues were evaluated. The simulations of childbirth with and without MPP were compared



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