Microstructure and performance characteristics of experimental forged billets of ultrafinegrained structure two-phase titanium alloy VT8M-1

  • 1 Institute of Physics of Advanced Materials, Ufa State Aviation Technical University, Russia


The UFG structure in the VT8M-1 alloy was formed by rotary swaging (RS). Experimental forged billets of ultrafine-grained structure (UFG) were obtained by isothermal die forging (IDF). The structural parameters and the homogeneity of the UFG structure were analyzed. Microstructure and mechanical properties of experimental workpieces of the ultrafine-grained VT8M-1 alloy produced by isothermal die forging was analyzed. The relationship between the microstructure and mechanical properties of the forged workpieces of the UFG VT8M-1 alloy is discussed.



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