Structure-phase transformations in LiF powders and crystals irradiated in nuclear reactor and 60Co gamma-source


XRD, SEM-EDS and FTIR were used for studying stable products of nuclear reactions of “branching decay” in LiF exposed to  intensive 1.17 and 1.33 MeV 60Co y-radiation to dose 109 R and mixed neutron+y-fluxes of WWR to fluencies 1017-1018cm-2: 19F9 + y -> 11B5 + 7Li3 + 1H1 or -> 16О8 + 3Т1 and 19F9 + 1n0 -> 20Ne10 or ->210B5 in addition to the known 6Li(n,a)3T. The main part of impact radiation is absorbed in micron subsurface layer, so the following radiation induced structure-phase transformations are highly inhomogeneous: hillocks of LiF-B2O3 and LiBH, LiO2 nanofilm and LiH nanocones are detected on LiF surface. It explains impossibility of annealing LiF-detectors



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