Optical Logic Half Adder Based On Multi Ring Resonators Silicon Photonic Crystal Structures

  • 1 Faculty of Engineering, Holon Institute of Technology (HIT), Holon, Israel


In this paper, we introduce an innovative design for an all-optical half adder (HA) utilizing a pair of dual-ring resonators within a 2-dimensional square lattice photonic crystal (PC) framework, all achieved without the use of nonlinear materials. The all-optical HA encompasses both AND and XOR gates, each constructed with cross-shaped waveguides and twin ring resonators positioned in a 2D square lattice PC. These resonators are filled with silicon (Si) rods set in a silica (SiO2) medium. Employing the plane-wave expansion (PWE) and finite difference time domain (FDTD) techniques, we comprehensively analyzed and simulated the behavior of the AND and XOR gates. The simulation outcomes reveal that the internal light propagation within the device emulates the functions of traditional AND and XOR gates.
Consequently, the proposed device displays promising potential for integration into optical arithmetic logic units, thereby enhancing digital
computing circuits.
The structural configuration encompasses an optical AND gate and an optical XOR gate, meticulously designed to operate within the Cband spectrum. The results unequivocally demonstrate a distinct demarcation between logic states 1 and 0, encapsulating a narrow power range that contributes to heightened robustness and minimized logic errors within the photonic decision circuit. Hence, the proposed HA stands as a pivotal building block in the creation of cutting-edge photonic arithmetic logic units.


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