Determining the surface quality obtained after thermal cutting

  • 1 Technical University of Varna, Department of Manufacturing Technologies and Machine Tools, Varna, Bulgaria


The measurement of deviations from planeness, rectilinearity and parallelism of plane surfaces is a set of measuring tools (instruments, devices, high performance measuring means, etc.) and the conditions under which the measurements are made (temperature mode, way of basing during the measurment, stability or non-stability of the measured quantity in the measurement process, etc.), which implies that the method of measurement is a complex concept, i.e. a set of signs and conditions that accompany the measurement process. The present work determines the surface quality obtained after air plasma cutting of 41Cr4 steel by standard methodologies for measuring its parameters. For this purpose, a methodology is used to measure the shape and configuration as well as a methodology for measuring the profile of the surface.


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