Influencing factors on the speed of vehicles in the school and kindergarten zones on the territory of Novi Sad

  • 1 Faculty of Technical Sciences – University of Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Serbia


Pedestrians, in addition to cyclists, represent the most vulnerable road users. Children from an early age participate in tra ffic as pedestrians, so the need to increase their level of safety is understandable. The speed limit in a school and kindergarten zones, by installing different types of calming measures, is one of the measures applied to protect children in traffic. It often happens that despite the speed limit and placement of speed humps on the roads, drivers do not respect the speed of movement and move at a much higher speed than allowed. Within this work, the speed of vehicles in the zones of some schools and kindergartens in the area of Novi Sad was measured. Based on the obtained results, factors that have an impact on the regime of vehicle movement in the investigated areas have been identified.



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