Impact of length of straw by the use of a straw mill on the selective feeding of young cattle and their effects for the cattle

  • 1 Anhalt university of Applied Sciences, Bernburg, Germany
  • 2 State Institute for Agriculture, Forestry and Horticulture Saxony-Anhalt, Iden, Germany


When feeding high quality silage to heifers from the age of two, there is a risk of energy oversupply. Depending on the feeding value or scarce availability of silage or corn silage diets with high proportions of straw is often incorporated. For an energetically standardized young cattle supply of straw proportion can be more than 20 % of dry matter. But with an increasing proportion of straw leave the animals increasingly the straw on the feeding barn. This can also be observed in limited feeding systems and a multi-day leave the straw in the manger is to be rejected from feeding hygienic point of view. The calculated energy and nutrient intake does not match the recorded. For this reason, it was investigated whether the grinding of straw with the straw mill selective feeding significantly limits.


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