Automatic Milking Rotary AMR™ in practical use – First investigations and experiences during change-over period

  • 1 Anhalt university of Applied Sciences, Bernburg, Germany
  • 2 DeLaval GmbH, Glinde


The world‘s first fully automated milking rotary AMR™ combines the advantages of fully automatic milking in the VMS™ single box and the conventional rotary milking. So the first modular AMR™ automates udder preparation, attaching the milk cups and the teat dipping/ -spraying in a rotary milking system. Through three different robot modules – preparation and cupping module in double- the individual steps are carried out. With the current state of technology can be automatically milked per hour to 90 cows.

This paper investigates the effects of fully automated milking system to the milk quality and cow behavior.


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