Machines. Technologies. Materials., Vol. 9 (2015), Issue 12, pg(s) 30-33

    The energy input in fluidized beds is usually performed by convection. In this case, the fluid stream is heated through a heater before entering the fluidized bed chamber. This method has long heating and cooling time. Therefore the purpose of this work is to find out other energy input options in fluidized beds. Such as, the induction heating is suggested. In this case, the fluidizing gas is not the source of energy, but the electrically conductive inert particles (like iron hollow spheres) into the fluidized bed, in which an induction electromagnetic field is transferred. On the surface of these particles, the heat is released directly into the fluidized bed. Here, since the heat is emitted via a large overall surface of the bed material, a very high energy density and, finally, highly efficient heat transfer can be achieved. In this way, the energy efficiency of fluidized bed processes can be significantly increased.