Analysis of downcomers influence on suspension structure of steam boiler

    Machines. Technologies. Materials., Vol. 15 (2021), Issue 4, pg(s) 149-152

    Industrial growth depends significantly on energy supply. Nearly every industry that uses a significant amount of power uses steam and steam generators. Using boilers fired with pulverized coal and steam turbines operating on the Rankine cycle generates ab out 40% of the world’s power. There are few types of boilers including Fire-Tube, Water-Tube, and Waste-Heat. This paper will analyze the suspension structure of Water-Tube boilers welds, the critical section on hooks, the stress in tube wall, and equivalent stress distribution on buckstays under the influence of vacuum and overpressure. For analysis are used two methods, described in this paper. Both methods require numerical solutions of given geometry and loads. Because of the large number of finite elements, a tube wall is approximated by an equivalent orthotropic plate with equal elastic properties as a tube wall.