Tactical efficiency in the process of handling and usage of firearms – important security related precondition for carrying out the police duty

  • 1 University "St. Kliment Ohridski", Faculty of Security - Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia


The police, during the performance of its duties, bears a huge responsibility before the general public, in relation to the professional performance of their duties, without causing disturbance of the general security and violating the basic human rights and freedoms. Forming the public opinion on the quality of police services is directly related to the manner in which legal powers are exercised, and in particular, the part related to the use of means of coercion. Firearms as the most extreme form of coercion are of great importance for the police work, because its use can cause serious injury or death, so it should be used only when there are absolutely no other options to solve the conflict between the police and the citizens. Given the different circumstances and conditions under which firearms are used, the police officers have a tremendous responsibility to anticipate, understand and apply all legal, security and tactical procedures and rules for the reasonable use of firearms.That is the main reason why the focus on this paper is on the tactical and security related procedures, which include a number of activities related to the process of preparation and taking up arms, the process of immediate use of weapons and the final process of disarmament



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