Method for forecasting engine indicators for its work on different fuels

    Mechanization in agriculture & Conserving of the resources, Vol. 66 (2022), Issue 2, pg(s) 50-52

    Analysis of physicochemical and operational performance of petroleum and alternative motor fuels showed that their lower heat of combustion can differ significantly. However, the heat of combustion of fuel-air mixtures of these fuels differs slightly. Therefore, the assessment of energy and fuel-economic performance of the engine during its operation on different fuels is proposed to do the calculation method for the consumption and heat of combustion of fuel-air mixtures. According to the developed method, engine power and fuel consumption during engine operation on biodiesel, biomethane and petroleum diesel fuel were determined. To determine the heat of
    combustion of fuel-air mixtures, the lower heat of combustion of fuels was used. Fuel-air consumption was determined by engine displacement and crankshaft speed. The tests show that the highest power and lowest fuel consumption of the engine running on petroleum diesel fuel and slightly worse values of the engine running on biodiesel. The gas engine with spark ignition converted from diesel running on biomethane shows the lowest indicators.