Approach of calculating the automotive gasoline injector electromagnetic parameters

    Trans Motauto World, Vol. 4 (2019), Issue 3, pg(s) 91-94

    The electromagnetic fuel injectors automotive are the gasoline injection systems main elements. The injectors perform the gasoline injection and its time of open condition, i.e injection duration determines the fuel quantity per working cycle [1]. The injectors are activated by solenoid and inject the gasoline in the engine manifold at the system pressure [2]. The gasoline injectors ensure precise fuel metering according to engine work state. The injectors are controlled by control signals, whose parameters are defined by the engine management system. The control devices are power transistors (drivers) in the electronic control unit (ECU). The injectors synchronizing and speed activating has a special significance and influence upon the increasing of the power and efficiency and the decreasing of the harmful emissions of the automotive engines. The synchronization of the electromagnetic gasoline injectors is connected by one hand of the injection according engine work order and by the other – with equal fuel injection duration and injection quantity. Meanwhile the injectors work at such conditions, which imposed constant compensation and adaptation activities by the ECU. This circumstance is connected with requirements of speed activating, which is measured by indicators, such as minimal electromagnetic activating force and minimal opening and closing time. This paper is considered the method of calculating the electromagnetic parameters of the automotive electromagnetic gasoline injectors for manifold gasoline injection.