Casting of body parts with complex geometry in 3D printed sand forms

  • 1 Fonderie Rapide Belfortaine, France


The intensive development of turbochargers power at the end of the decade and two years after the announcement of the latest results of this development, “Breakthrough: Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) 10 times below the predicted for 2020 limits” still there is no data for the rehabilitation of the contemporary diesel engine. The progress made by the multiplication of turbochargers in bi-turbo, three-turbo and four-storied turbo has been underestimated and neglected in the shadow of the publicity for electric, hybrid and gasoline vehicles. The article offers progressive technical solutions for casting of aluminum crankcase for turbochargers of new generation through the rational use of 3D printed sand molds. The research and application in the foundry of new 3D printer technologies gives the opportunity to realize casting with new and additional functions due to their complicated geometry and their high geometric accuracy .



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