• 1 Faculty of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Istanbul University, Turkey


Parameters of the robots are always changed due to the load being carried. Robust control is a method that considers the changes of control system performance related to the modification of system parameters. Stability and performance of the system can be well protected in case the change of system parameters does not affect the system. Even if there is several modified parameters, robust control system still provides the ability of control in a desired manner.

In this work, parameters are made changeable and the upper limit of the uncertainty parameter is kept constant unlike other robust control studies. Control parameter is updated over time depending on the trigonometric functions. The values of the constant control parameters in trigonometric functions affect the performance of the system and it is quite difficult to find appropriate control parameter values. Logical fuzzy compensator is designed to find this parameter and investigated the effects on the tracking error of two-link robot.

Fuzzy Logic associated robust control methods developed using robust control has been compared through a computer simulation using the same trajectory and same model. Thanks to the designed fuzzy logic associated robust controller, robust control is improved and two-link robot’s trajectory tracking error has been reduced to a very small value.


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