Micro-hardness of borid diffusion layers formed of semi permeable powder-metalurgical materials from the system Fe-C-Cu

  • 1 Faculty of Economics and Business Administration – Technical University of Gabrovo, Bulgaria
  • 2 Faculty of Mechanical Engineering – Technical University of Gabrovo, Bulgaria


Surface saturation with boron of Fe-C-Cu construction powder materials aims to improve the surface hardness of the articles and hence improve wear, contact strength and other mechanical properties. This study investigates the influence of single-component diffusion enrichment modes with boron of semi-permeable powder metallurgical samples from the Fe-C-Cu system. The powder samples on the basis of iron powders NC 100.24 to which 0,3 ÷ 2,5% Cu and 0,4% carbon were added were subjected to the study. Diffusion saturation with boron was carried out in semi-permeable saturation media with a composition of 84% Na2B4O7 + 12% SiC + 4% K2Cr2O7 at temperatures 850 ÷ 950 ° C for 2 ÷ 4 hours. Graphical dependencies are presented for the variation of the diffusion slit thickness in the longitudinal section of the test samples depending on their density, duration and saturation temperature. The experimental results obtained are compared with those obtained by combining pure iron samples with the same technological parameters.



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