Analysis of the densification of a biomedical titanium alloy produced by powder metallurgy

  • 1 University of Zagreb Faculty of Metallurgy, Croatia
  • 2 University of Ljubljana Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, Slovenia


Titanium as a raw material for production is very expensive due to its high price and the complex production process. One of the successful alternatives for the production of titanium alloys and final products is powder metallurgy technology. In this work, a Ti-20Zr alloy for biomedical applications was produced using the powder metallurgy process. The density values determined for the compacts depend on the compression pressure. Namely, the compressibility of the powder mixture increases with increasing compaction pressure. A higher sintering temperature as well as a longer sintering time are more favourable to obtain higher values for the sintered density. Similarly, the compression coefficient is lower for samples compacted at higher pressure, while its value increases with increasing sintering temperature. The volume change in the volume of the sample is more pronounced after sintering at higher temperature and shorter time.



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