Obtaining abrasives on the base of composite Ni-P coatings for surface treatment of rock materials

  • 1 Institute of Physical Chemistry, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


The electroless deposition of Ni-P coatings is well known classic method for production of metal coatings on polymers. The addition of dispersed particles of different types and sizes to the base solution for electroless deposition significantly improves the properties of the coating by increasing its wear resistance and micro-hardness. Thereby, the metallized polymers find new and different applications. By using a device, designed and developed in IPC-BAS, tribological tests of composite Ni-P coatings deposited on substrate of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) are performed. Three types of dispersed particles (diamond (D), BN and SiC) are co-deposited in the Ni-P coatings. Their application as abrasive material for surface treatment of rock materials is evaluated. The structure, morphology and elemental composition of Ni-P coatings are characterized by SEM and EDS.



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