Investigation on the efficiency of internal crystallization chemical admixtures for cement concrete – structural characteristics

  • 1 Institute of Mechanics, Bulgarian Academy of Science, Sofia, Bulgaria


In recent years, the use of internal crystallization chemical admixtures for concrete and mortar to increase their water-tightness and other physical and mechanical characteristics has been of increasing importance in modern construction. These types of chemical modifiers allow for the effective replacement of conventionally performed waterproofing works (membranes, rolls, brushed or sprayed coatings, etc.) by purposefully improving the physical-mechanical characteristics of structural concretes, rendering them, to one degree or another, impermeable to water or/and aggressive agents from different origins. In the specialized world market for such products there are several leading competing companies – producers of internal-crystallization chemical admixtures, which have different activity in Bulgaria. Based on results of purposeful set of structural investigations (DTA, SEM, BET) conducted the purpose of the report is to assist participants  in the construction investment process in understanding the nature, specific characteristics and differences in the performance (effectiveness) of different products in terms of their ability to limit the ingress of water into concrete and reinforced concrete sections, as well as their ability to increase the durability of concrete as the main structural material.



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