Assessment of quality parameters of blueberries and cherry tomatoes treated by micro torch of cold atmospheric pressure plasma

  • 1 AgroBioInstitute, Agricultural Academy, Bulgaria
  • 2 Medical Faculty, Medical University–Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 3 Faculty of Forest Industry, University of Forestry, Bulgaria
  • 4 Faculty of Physics, Sofia University, Bulgaria


The cold atmospheric pressure operating plasma /CAPP/ offers attractive opportunities for various surface decontamination treatments of both food products and non-food materials. The technology is especially considered as promising mild but efficient surface treatment of fresh food products in order to extend their shelf live and sustain quality. Here we report evaluation of the effect of CAPP micro torch treatment of Canadian blueberries and cherry tomatoes related with the fruit quality and possible cell wall damages and changes of the total anthocyanins content of treated fruits. The problems and opportunities for further application of plasma jet generated CAPP treatment for fresh fruit decontamination are discussed. Thе research is funded by the Bulgarian National Science Fund under Grant DN08/8-2016.



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