Development of automation in Bulgaria in the 20th century

  • 1 University of library studies and information technology, Sofia, Bulgaria


In the 8th decade of the 20th century, a state program was implemented to automate the entire production in the spirit of scientific and technical progress. More than 160 types of systems for the automation of technological processes have been developed, including individual high-performance machines, industrial robots and manipulators, managed with the most advanced microprocessor technology for its time, subsequently implemented in pilot complex automated workshops and production areas in various economic sites of the country. Prioritizing the production of means of automation of technological processes intensifies machine-building, intellectualizes labor and increases its productivity. Gradually, with our forces and means, experience and a base for further design and implementation of flexible automated production systems in all branches of industry are created. The achieved technical and organizational experience guarantees the membership of Bulgaria in the Permanent Commission on Mechanical Engineering at the SIV and its coordinating role in agreements for multilateral specialization and scientific and technical cooperation in the field of industrial manipulators and robots.



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