Electronic throttle development for experimental hybridelectric vehicle

  • 1 University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences – Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia


This paper presents a design proposal for an electronic throttle control system intended for the experimental light hybridelectric vehicle. This vehicle was made in the scope of ongoing student project of developing and creating a light hybrid-electric vehicle as a platform for educational and research work. In the present case, ATV/quad-vehicle engine is used, where the throttle command of IC engine was originally realized using mechanical linkages and cable. In order to fully exploit hybrid drive potentials, control of both IC engine and electric hub motors had to be exerted by using single accelerator pedal. For this purpose, the original IC engine control system had to be replaced by an electric motor actuator that uses control signal from accelerator pedal used for electric motors control. The prototype of mechanism that converts rotation of electric motor actuator output shaft into linear displacement of the needle valve was also designed and produced applying 3D printing technique.



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