Indexes of gas engine converted from a tractor diesel

  • 1 Faculty of Mechanical Engineering – Lutsk National Technical University, Ukraine


The experience of foreign companies on conversion of diesel vehicles for natural gas operation was analyzed. The results of computer simulations of the gas engine and diesel duty cycle were presented. The features of the gas engine power system converted from the D-243 tractor diesel are shown. The efficiency of the entire range of speed and load modes of a gas engine converted from D-243 diesel to run on natural gas has been experimentally confirmed by reducing the compression ratio from 16 to 12 and equipping it with a gas supply system and ignition system. Its effective power is close to that of a base diesel engine, equivalent to a specific fuel efficiency of up to 25% higher than that of a diesel engine. There is no carbon black in the exhaust gas of the gas engine. The emissions of certain harmful substances in some modes of operation of the gas engine are higher than that of the diesel, but the total toxicity of the exhaust gases resulting from carbon monoxide in the gas engine is 1.96 times lower than that of the diesel.



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