Experimental Results of the Hybrid Electric Vehicle Energy Efficiency in Urban Transportation

  • 1 Department of Transport Equipment
  • 2 Todor Kableshkov University of Transport, Bulgaria
  • 3 Sofia University Kliment Ohridski, Bulgaria


The development of internal combustion engine vehicles, especially automobiles, is one of the greatest achievements of modern technology. Automobiles have made great contributions to the growth of modern society by satisfying many of its needs for mobility in everyday life. The automotive industry and the other industries that serve it constitute the backbone of the word’s economy and employ the greatest share of the working population. However, the large number of automobiles in use around the world has caused and continues to cause serious problems for the environment and human life. Air pollution, global warming, and the rapid depletion of the Earth’s petroleum resources are now problems of paramount concern [1]. A hybrid vehicle combines any type of two power (energy) sources. Possible combinations include diesel/electric, gasoline/fly wheel, and fuel cell (FC)/battery. Typically, one energy source is storage, and the other is conversion of a fuel to energy. The most modern hybrids are powered by a combination of traditional gasoline power and the addition of an electric motor. However, hybrid still use the petroleum-based engine while driving so they are not completely clean, just cleaner than petroleum only cars. This enables hybrid cars to have the potential to segue into new technologies that rely strictly on alternate fuel sources [2,3].
This paper considers the experimental result obtained from HEV energy efficiency researching in urban transportation in the town of Sofia.



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