• 1 Tavria State Agrotechnological University, Melitopol, Ukraine


Promising energy technology means for controlled traffic farming are wide span tractor (vehicles). The effectiveness of the practical use of wide span tractor (vehicles) depends on a sound scientific base or theoretical frameworks, concerning the study of their technological properties. The article presents the theoretical basis of the dynamics of plane-parallel movement wide span tractor (vehicles) in the horizontal and vertical plane as well as its cornering. Developed the theory of plane-parallel movement wide span tractor (vehicle) allows for the justification of new schemes, design parameters and operating modes with acceptable controllability and stability of motion in the horizontal plane. Ride wide span tractor (vehicles), as a dynamical system, moving through the traces of permanent tramlines significantly depends on the characteristics of the irregularities of the longitudinal profile. The desired character of the internal structure of the longitudinal profile laid tramlines is almost possible to obtain the appropriate technology for its formation. Quality testing of dynamic system input perturbations, which are irregularities of the longitudinal profile permanent tramlines and the unevenness of the traction resistance of the soil, depends on the scheme and the constructive and other settings wide span tractor (vehicles). A significant impact on thesmoothness of the latter renders the rigidity of the tire support wheels, the magnitude of which can be influenced, within certain limits, by changing the air pressure in them. Improve driving dynamics the technological part of the wide span tractor (vehicles) is observed by increasing the rigidity of the tire its supporting wheels and operating mass. The offered new scheme of the turn of a wide span tractor (vehicle) for controlled traffic farming on the turning strip by turning the undercarriage, using the steerable wheels from its one board around the turning centre arranged in the centre of the space between the wheels from the other board, allows shifting of the tractor, simultaneously with the turn, to the next operating position with better kinematic parameters. In addition to it, the improvement of the turnability characteristics is achieved at such a design embodiment of the wide span tractor (vehicle) when the relation of its wheelbase to the width of the wheeltrack is as small as possible.



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