Evaluation of chosen indicators of intermittent seeder´s work quality

  • 1 Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Slovakia
  • 2 Koszalin University of Technology, Koszalin, Poland
  • 3 University of Life Sciences in Lublin, Lublin, Poland


As crop and animal production are interconnected, they together form the basic branch of agriculture. A great sense in the process of replacing cultivated crops is the cultivation of sugar beet, which can act as a breaker in planting of narrow row crops, livestock feed or green manure. In addition to seed development, cultivation technology has also been improved, and by that the technique has been modified. During cultivation, it is difficult to prepare the soil before sowing together with a good settlement of seeds in the soil, which creates suitable conditions for germination and subsequent emergence of plants. In the submitted article, we have focused on the evaluation of chosen indicators of intermittent speeder’s work quality. The measurements have been performed in accordance with the ISO 7256/1 standard for the evaluation of sowing equipment with intermittent sowing. The vertical distribution of the seed in the soil for field emergence at the seed base of the seeder Kverneland Accord Monopill S, at different working speeds, has been observed. The experiment was performed on aluminous-sandy soil with a soil moisture of 18.2%. In measuring the sowing depth, there were used two measuring systems, the so-called contact (inductive) sensor and non-contact (ultrasonic) sensor in connection with A / D converter with storage in IM memory card. Based on the obtained results, we can state that by increasing the travel speed from 1.11 m.s-1 to 3.33 m.s-1, the depth of the sowing foot was reduced on average by 19.61 mm.



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