Influence of trolley motion in the dynamic behavior of semi-portal cranes

    Machines. Technologies. Materials., Vol. 15 (2021), Issue 5, pg(s) 170-175

    The paper presents dynamic analysis of the Semi-Portal Cranes for the case of Trolley motion travelling on Crane’s Girders. Semi-portal cranes are mainly mounted in the industrial facilities, and they consist of metallic structures with big dimensions and many mechanisms that carry heavy loads. We will analyze the influence of the Trolley motion in the dynamic behavior of Semi-Portal Crane while carrying maximum Load, in particular the influence of Load swinging and oscillations. The method of analysis is acquiring experimental measurements and comparing those results with the results gained through modeling of crane, and carrying simulations. Designing the Crane’s 3D model with software and motion simulations is the method applied in the paper to analyze dynamics and is important to explain the form and intensity of oscillations that can cause accidents, failures of parts, and other concerns about the safety. Analysis will be done for maximal and minimal speed of the Trolley. Conclusions from this paper will be useful about the design, dynamic response and safety of Semi-Portal Cranes. The analysis will be focused to find main kinematic and dynamic parameters influencing the crane dynamics, like forces, moments, speed (velocity), and Load swinging magnitude. The Crane is modeled based on the Data from standard manufacturer of Semi-Portal Cranes.