Machines. Technologies. Materials., Vol. 9 (2015), Issue 2, pg(s) 37-39

    In the contemporary knowledge-based economy human factor is one of the core competitive advantages of high-tech enterprises. Crucial to the development and commercialisation of innovations is the development of competencies of the human resources.
    Substantial part of the high-tech enterprises are challenged to define precisely what are the most important competencies they need to evaluate and to reward, as well as to foster and develop further in their personnel in order to improves their performance. The aim of the paper is to suggest and analyze the role of an appraisal and performance management model. The model is aimed at helping managers evaluate effectiveness and efficiency of the personnel performance. Further, it can be used as a tool that will aid the decision making process concerning appraisal and reward, training and development, and last but not least the career growth.



    Industry 4.0, Vol. 2 (2017), Issue 3, pg(s) 135-138

    Innovative enterprises have a key role in the recognition and the sustainable development of the knowledge-based economy. The different innovative enterprises have different contribution and value for the economy and the social development. The R&D personnel and its acquired and developed competencies are basic characteristics of the innovative firms. On the base of the R&D personnel’s competencies a company competency profile is designed. This model may improve the innovation activity and the organizational performance of the enterprise. It can be used for making differentiation between innovative enterprises and on is base to be delivered conclusions on their competency competiveness. The competency profile can be useful for choosing what kind of innovations to be produced and in what innovate projects the company may participate. These innovative projects need concrete and specific competency tools. The competency profile works within a framework for improvement of the whole competency management of the innovative enterprise and introducing the best performance management practices for the R&D personnel.