Machines. Technologies. Materials., Vol. 11 (2017), Issue 5, pg(s) 250-253

    The report provides examples of two innovative solutions using nitrogen-containing steels. The use of nitrogen-containing steels allows to increase the durability and reliability of products; to reduce the thickness of work sections; to reduce the cost of maintenance and repair downtime. The proposed solutions: 1. Austenitic corrosion resistant cast steel with 0,5%N. After homogenizing heat treatment the steel surpasses traditional cast austenitic steels at yield strength at ~1.5-2 times, impact toughness ~ 4.5 times, hardness – by about 25%. It is recommended for the manufacture of cast valves. 2. The martensitic steel grade with 0,11-0,17% N. This steel is well proved as a material for the manufacture by cold heading of very high strength corrosion resistant fasteners.