Method for repair and recovery of defected industrial reinforced concrete structures through an effective thin repair overlay

    Machines. Technologies. Materials., Vol. 16 (2022), Issue 4, pg(s) 130-133

    The bearing monolithic reinforced construction of “Open Fuel Storage” of SOLVAY SODY AD, Devnya, has been operated for more than 40 years in conditions of extreme stress and external aggressive factors. All this has logically led to the presence of serious corrosion damages. The basic requirements for developing a technical solution for repair and restoration of defect structures retaining walls (assembly type), supporting beams and columns, is the bringing of the technical characteristics of the reinforced concrete structure in its initial (design) or better condition. The report discusses the features of the proposals as the most effective technological method for repair, based on the possibilities for the formless construction of a new special thin repair concrete layer restoring the original cross-section, applied with the methods of “wet” shotcreting. A composition of high -tech concrete with the participation of an internal crystallization chemical admixture and a shrinkage-compensating one suitable for shotcrete is proposed. Specific details have been developed for the renovation of the individual structural elements, as well as optimal technological regulations for the implementat ion of the repair.