• On one approach to solving the problem of formalization and modeling of the airport security threats space

    Security & Future, Vol. 2 (2018), Issue 4, pg(s) 152-157

    The paper examines the issue of formalization and mathematical modeling of potential dangers (hereinafter referred to as threats). Such threats occur in the external environment in relation to the object of transport infrastructure (hereinafter referred to as airport), while ensuring aviation security. The issue of formalization is manifested in the significant uncertainty of physical presentation of security threats and difficulties in choosing a class of functions that describe threats’ spread dynamics.
    The authors suggest using the heuristic approach and the format of the boundary value problem of field theory when moving from a linguistic description of the threat space to its formal representation and description. A mathematical model based on partial differential equations describing threat space is proposed. In addition to this, assumptions and limitations associated with its hypothetical representation are formulated. Modeling and results are presented in the form of threat intensity distribution on some topology of the transport infrastructure object. The results are interpreted as the initial information for modeling the airport security system.