Blockchain based solution for securing real property transaction: a case study for North Macedonia

  • 1 South East European University, Tetovo, North Macedonia
  • 2 Polytechnic University of Tirana, Tirane, Albania


This paper will focus on the implementation of decentralized technologies, such as blockchain, on the issuance and management of real estate properties, starting with ownership of the certificates. The focus will be the improvement of the actual process, as well as increasing integrity and trustworthiness of ownership certificates. A series of technology and methodology selections will be made, along with the main plan of setting up the decentralized networks and enabling communication with the user. We propose a framework to manage real estate property’s certificates and explain in detail the architecture of the system and each component of the system. This system will be based on Ethereum EVM, where the main execution will take place, the smart contracts will be deployed and the main dataset will be stored. IPFS will be used to store files such as photos or scanned documents and will be attached to the certificate in blockchain.



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