• 1 Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, University Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje1, Laboratory of Eco-informatics Republic of Macedonia


Fish like many living organisms have specific tolerant range of various environmental parameters, thus fish farming of specific types of fish species requires certain conditions that have to be reached. Moreover, the people that work in the fish farming ponds have to be engaged in all day activities to maintain the living fish habitat. Therefore, monitoring and taking actions to maintain the habitat’s sustainable environment for certain fish species inside of fishing ponds over distributed machine to machine communication, which will shorten the time needed for some basic actions, is the main motivation for this paper. In this paper we present an upgrade on a functional Internet of Things (IoT) system for monitoring fish farming ponds. The IoT system consists of various sensors that measure important factors of the water quality like temperature, light intensity or water level, as well as small board computer that processes the data and sends sound and visual notifications to the fish farming manager. The current system lacks the ability to process the data to the end-user via web or mobile platform. Due to remote distance of the fish farming ponds and their location dependence of clean fresh water, one solution of this problem is using expansion module like Wivity modem to enable the end users in real time to monitor and control certain aspects of the fish farming pond IoT system. Wivity modem allows user to communicate to the IoT system via WiFi connection, cellular, LoRaWAN or satellite communication; all in one product. Later on, this module can be integrated with IoT platforms including Japser, Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. For future work, we plan to expand not only the applicable services on different platforms, but also add more control modules and sensors to the existing IoT system for specific fish species.


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