Small-Scale Photovoltaic Power Systems: Identifying Vulnerabilities and Recommending Security Protocols

  • 1 Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic


The integration of small-scale photovoltaic power systems into residential and commercial buildings is rapidly gaining popularity. Despite the original design specification for these systems to function solely on local networks or without internet connectivity, they are often linked to installers’ or building managers’ monitoring systems. The substantial surge in demand and deployment of photovoltaic systems necessitates an examination of their susceptibility to a broad spectrum of threats, encompassing both physical and cyber-attacks. This analysis endeavours to identify the components of these systems and evaluate the associated security vulnerabilities. Additionally, it will include a practical demonstration of selected attacks on a representative system to illustrate potential threats. The analysis will culminate in a summary of recommended security protocols aimed at fortifying the security and robustness of PV systems.



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