Low cost devices for home automation systems

  • 1 Technical University, Sofia, Bulgaria


The article presents the design of Home Automation System (HAS) with low cost and wireless system. This system is intended to help and supply support so as to meet the requirements of older and disabled in home. Also, the good home conception within the system improves the quality living reception. The switch mode and voice mode square measure accustomed management the house appliances. The video feedback is received within the automaton application that streams the video of IP Camera. The main control system implements wireless technology to provide remote access from smart phone. The design remains the prevailing electrical switches and provides additional safety management on the switches with low voltage activating methodology. The switches standing is synchronized altogether the system whereby each computer program indicates the real time existing switches standing. The system meant to regulate electrical appliances and devices in house with comparatively low price style, user-friendly interface and ease of installation.



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