Drilling mud properties with added egg shell

  • 1 University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering, Zagreb, Croatia


The use of biodegradable waste is interesting for many companies from different industries, and in the last few years, more detailed research about its usefulness in the oil and gas industry, specifically as potential additives for the preparation of water-based drilling mud, has begun. Given that this type of research is globally important, there are data on the use of different types of food waste for this purpose, and scientists have mainly researched the biodegradable waste that is generated in larger quantities in a certain part of the world. Among the different types of waste whose effect has been investigated through laboratory measurements of various properties essential for drilling mud, there is also some data on egg shell. In this article, detalied set of data shows how egg shell affects the filtration properties of the drilling mud, the rheological properties, as well as the swelling reduction of the clay component of the rock when it is in contact with drilling mud with added egg shell in its composition.



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