• Influence of parameters by electronic ray on properties of superficial layers of optical elements of exact instrument-making

    Innovations, Vol. 3 (2015), Issue 1, pg(s) 13-15

    In the article are presented the results of researches of action of electronic ray on optical elements. The analysis of surfaces of elements before and after a beam-processing the method of atomic-force microscopy shows that in first case the height of microburries makes 50…60 nm, and in second case goes down to the level of 0,5…1 nm. Influence of parameters of electronic ray is set on the height of microburries: the increase of closeness of thermal influence of ray in 6 times results in diminishing of height of microburries in 3…4 time, diminishing of rate of movement of ray in 5 times results in diminishing of height of microburries in 5…6 times. It is shown that by optimization of the modes of beam-processing of elements it is possible substantially to improve (to 50…60%) properties of its superficial layers and basic operating descriptions of devices. Thus probability of destruction of elements and death devices in the conditions of intensive external thermal influences, devices can undergo that at their storage, portage and application, diminishes in 1,5…2 time.