Optimization of pneumatic vane motor based on mathematical modeling and computer simulation

  • 1 Harry Fultz Institute in Tirana, 2Mechanical Faculty at Polytechnic University of Tirana


Pneumatic vane motors are important actuators in industry, their optimization is difficult without e best mathematic model and computer simulation. In this article we presents a mathematical model for pneumatic vane type motors, construction of a simulation program associated with constructive engine parameters, experimental confirmation , and pneumatic motor performance optimization based on this model. The article begins with the description of the working principle of the vane type pneumatic motors, the geometric parameters that characterize it. The set of mathematical model equations consists in: the equations of geometry, the equation that describe the rotating moment, and equations expressing the mass flow into the motor. For the construction of the simulation program we have used the programming language of the G type LabView. Matching the results obtained from the simulation with the measured ones experimentally indicate that the built mathematical model is accurate and can be used to optimize pneumatic motors.



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